Screen Printing Artists for Design Inspiration

By Cadisch Team in General Blog Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Screen printing has been around for over 1,000 years in one form or another, the earliest recognised form of screen printing appeared in China during the Song dynasty, and since then the methods for screen printing have been revolutionised by technology. In the last century in particular, new technology has encouraged many artists to explore this art form and experiment with what is possible. Weve collected some of the most popular and influential artists in this blog to serve as further design inspiration for you as you craft your new hobby or create your new business.

Andy Warhol is arguably the best-known screen-printing artist of all time. He is best known for reproducing photographs of celebrities and ordinary objects, using very bright colours and repeating the same image on a grid. He is highly regarded in the art world and his work is still referenced in pop culture today.
Roy Lichtenstein helped to establish screen printing as a significant art movement in the 1960s. He took his inspiration from comic books and mimicked their style with big bold outlines of the subject, and ben-day dots to fill the space with colour.
Peter Blake is best known for the cover of The Beatles Sergeant Pepper album in 1967, but he is also one of the leading British pop artists of the 1960s. Aside from the work with the Beatles, he produced collage-based screen prints that juxtapose imagery from different eras.
Clare Halifax is using the power of social media to spread her work far and wide. Having studied textile design and printmaking, she uses her skills to print highly detailed drawings of architectural landscapes around Britain and uses colour to highlight the contrast between the concrete world and the botanical world within cities.

Why not check these artists out and explore the techniques they use? If youre looking for some great screen-printing workshops to learn and train in screen printing, see some of our previous blogs.