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NBC Polyester Mesh Top quality, Super high modulus polyester monofilament mesh for precision screen printing applications,

◦ NO degreasing needed - Cost saving for you
◦ Improve surface tension - For easy stencil making
◦ Superior physical properties - For easy stretching and better dimensional stability
◦ Improved Ink Transition - For halftone printing and fine lines,
◦ Anti-static - Friction charge value is only IKV
◦ Certified ISO9002

We have a huge range of Meshes, below are a few. Please contact the office or see this link for more specifications.


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100T Polyester

£19.19 (+vat)

110T Polyester

£19.72 (+vat)

120T Polyester

£21.38 (+vat)

150T Polyester Mesh

£26.88 (+vat)

43PW Polyester Mesh

£9.58 (+vat)

79T Polyester

£15.17 (+vat)

90T Polyester

£16.22 (+vat)
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