Kiwo Stencil Making Products

By Cadisch Team in General Blog Monday, November 25, 2019

For decades, KIWO products have been setting the standards throughout the screenprinting industry. Theyre always able to anticipate trends and developments and proactively develop their products to improve the experience for their customers.
Thats why many years ago, here at Cadisch, we decided to become a main distributor for Kissel & Wolf Gmbh's (Kiwo) excellent range of stencil making products.
We stock the full range at our warehouse, just outside of London, from Kiwobond screen printing adhesives, screen printing lacquers, degreasers, emulsions and capillary film, to screen cleaning and reclaiming products. All set and ready to send out when we get an order in!
We also have a demonstration unit with a Kiwo automatic coating machine and we can offer a high degree of technical support and advice so feel free to give us a try if you have any questions!

Alongside our Kiwo products, we also supply all the essential accessories for the screen printer including squeegees, coating troughs and washout booths, and we can design and fit your entire stencil making area.

See the Kiwo range here: