Top Tips For Screen Printing Reclamation

By Cadisch Team in General Blog Friday, September 20, 2019

Reclaiming your screens is an essential task and will ensure you get the best out of your screens for the longest amount of time. Not only is it important to do a thorough job, it is vital that this process is completed with the correct tools. If you neglect either one of these you will find future prints featuring pinholes, a breakdown of your stencils or even a shortened lifespan of your screens.

Here are our top tips for maximising the life of your screen and ensuring correct cleaning.

1) Use the best screens
We understand that screens can sometimes be expensive, but it is a worthy investment to make. By using cheaper and lower quality youll find the screen will break down quicker and will be harder to clean. Which will then lead you to buying more screens to keep your prints at the best.

2) Use the best chemicals and cleaner
Dont ever use household cleaners to clean your screen! Yes, it may save you money buying the proper equipment, but the chemicals in the household cleaners may be harmful to your screens and will do very little to break down the emulsion. Invest in the right chemicals and avoid having to replace your screen!

3) Remove your excess ink
After you have finished printing, you may feel tempted to take the losses on the ink that is still on the screen and just move straight into washing it. We urge you not to! Not only can you reuse some of your ink, but youll best avoid the ink becoming cement on the screen when in contact with the chemicals used to remove the emulsion.

4) Clean your screens immediately
The longer the ink is left to dry and the emulsion is left to become exposed to UV light, the harder it becomes to clean. Commit to a regular routine of cleaning the screens before undertaking new work. This will save you the hassle of scrubbing the screens or having to buy new screens.

5) Dont neglect the degreasing process
Any amount of grease residue on your screen can interfere with your emulsions ability to stick to your screen in the future. After the cleaning process, use some degreaser to fully reset your screen back to normal.

How to clean your screens the right way?

Lay your screen on a horizontal surface with the print side up. Spray your screen with the reclaimer and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Dont leave it for too long as it can ruin the screens. Scrub the screen lightly with a brush and then wash the screen ideally with a pressure washer. If you can still see the outline of your design that use a haze remover to clear this.

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