Been on a screen printing workshop? What next?

in General Blog Monday, July 22, 2019

Okay so youve attended a screen printing workshop and come away feeling excited and full of inspiration so now what?!

Well, the first advice we can give you, is keep up with everything youve learnt and dont stop playing around with new ideas!

It can be so easy to give up a new hobby but as with everything in life, practice makes perfect, and the more you give screen printing a go, the better youll become youll be the next big screen printing artist in no time!

Wed suggest looking at follow-on classes or more advanced classes to continue your screen printing education and help you further hone your skills. We recently did a blog on some of the best screen printing workshops in London, so if you havent already checked those out, wed highly recommend that you do! Take a look here:

Wed be silly at this point if we didnt mention where wed best suggest to get all of your screen printing supplies from.. and you wont be surprised that we say our very own shop here! With everything from new screens to stencil equipment, to squeegees, ink and screen cleaning products.. we have everything you need. Plus we have an expert team on hand so you can chat through your requirements and we can point you in the right direction go on, give the team a try!

Keep on printing!