Best Screen Printing Workshops in London

By Cadisch Team in General Blog Monday, June 03, 2019

At Cadisch we supply the very best screen printing equipment and links to some of the capitals very best screen printing workshops. These workshops provide expert-level training for beginners who have never screen printed before through to experts who are looking to master a new technique. Whether you're looking to dive head first into a new hobby or support your learning as you delve into the professional screen printing game, we've collated some of the best screen printing workshops in London below.

Before we start, you should know what makes a truly great course isn't the print you produce at the end of the day, its the knowledge gained during the course. All good screen printing courses will cover things like:

Screen printing history
The theory behind the method
Techniques & methodology
Design tips & artwork
Choosing inks
How to layer colour
Best fabrics to use

East London Print Makers ( is a not-for-profit, artist-run studio in Mile End, London. It offers a large range of beginner, intermediate, and master courses in not only screen printing on fabric, paper and using CMYK, but it also provides courses on Reduction Lino, Japanese Vinyl, Monoprint, and many more. The studio is open all day, with courses generally starting at 10 am for daytime courses and 7 pm for evening courses. All courses are very hands-on and are treated as a learn by doing way of learning. Their beginner course is perfect for someone who has never screen printed before.

Jealous Print Studio ( is based in Shoreditch and also North London near Finsbury Park. They provide educational workshops at either studio or wherever you require it should you need a group booking. They work closely with a number of schools in the area and have performed live printing sessions at exhibitions for the Royal Academy of Arts, Deutsche Bank London, and more. If you aren't interested in their workshops you should definitely check out their gallery and prints for sale!

Print Club London ( offers a fantastic range of workshops and courses in Shacklewell, London. Their hands-on beginner and fabric workshops will get you from a complete novice to a hobbyist in next to no time at all! Starting at 65 a day too, these courses are perfect for anyone looking to cram as much knowledge as they can in a shorter amount of time and still walk away with a design on the day.

These workshops are all running fantastic opportunities over the next few months, so there has never been a better time to start learning!