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New Frames and Screen Stretching For New Frames
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Cadisch offers an in-house stretching and stencil making facility using our unique and patented NBC Screen stretching device. This ensures the correct tension throughout the screen including the corners using our stretching clamps.

Screens can be consistently stretched to exactly the same criteria through use of computerized settings, which can be tailored to customers individual needs.

Our automated coating process allows consistency by emulsion thickness. A good quality mesh can easily be ruined if this procedure is not carried out correctly.

We offer a collection and delivery service to make your life easier.

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KIWOBOND 1100 - SET 700g

£27.94 (+vat)

NEW FRAMES 19" x 24"

£43.25 (+vat)

NEW FRAMES 31" x 23"

£49.88 (+vat)

NEW FRAMES 35"x26"

£68.87 (+vat)
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