Screen printed products are used in a diverse variety of everyday applications including printed circuit boards, liquid crystal displays, ceramic and graphic displays. Our screen printing product range is innovative and our technical support provides a total solution for the exacting requirements of the screen printing process. Cadisch has supported the rapid advances in technology in partnership with NBC industries of Japan, weavers of the Screen Printing Meshes and Kissel and Wolf Gmbh (Kiwo) of Stencil Making Products.

Cadisch is a main distributer for Kissel & Wolf Gmbh's (Kiwo) excellent range of stencil making products. The full range, from Kiwobond screen printing adhesives, screen printing lacquers, degreasers, emulsions and capillary film, to screen cleaning and reclaiming products, is stocked at our London warehouse. We have a demonstration unit with a Kiwo automatic coating machine and we can offer a high degree of technical support and advice.

Cadisch can also supply all the essential accessories for the screen printer including squeegees, coating troughs and washout booths. We can design and fit your entire stencil making area. Please ask for a separate brochure for full details of Kiwo products.

It is vitally important that all mesh is correctly tensioned and bonded to the correct type of frame. A good quality mesh can easily be ruined if this procedure is not carried out correctly. Cadisch offers an in-house stretching and stencil making facility using our unique and patented NBC Screen Stretching device. This ensures correct tension throughout the screen, including the corners using the unique corner stretching clamps.

Screens can be consistently stretched to exactly the same criteria through use of the computerised settings, which can be tailored to customer's individual needs. An Automated coating process allows consistency of emulsion thickness. A full stencil making service is available.

For over 30 years, Cadisch has been the sole importer of NBC Industries of Tokyo, Japan. NBC was established in 1934 and is Japan's leading manufacturer of high quality precision screen printing meshes. NBC has been instrumental in developing the highly sophisticated screen printing technology which has put the Japanese at the forefront of the electronics industry. Their experience in this market and in general screen printing technology has made them the world's leading manufacturer of screen printing fabrics.

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